Evacuable Moisture Analyzers
  The MIDAC V-Series is designed to detect lower moisture levels than ever before...so you can raise your standards for purity higher  than ever before! It's true, MIDAC's V-Series Moisture Analyzers provide unprecedented capability for detecting moisture and other impurities in corrosive gases. V-Series systems are the only complete, turnkey systems to give you all these features and capabilities:
  • Detection to less than 10ppb of H2O  in many corrosive matrices, including Ammonia
  • Detection to 1.0 ppb in HCl
  • Complete immunity to the effects of atmospheric background moisture
  • Extremely fast response and equilibration times
  • The ability to analyze multiple compounds in addition to moisture
  • Customized low volume electro-polished sample cells
  • Low internal power dissipation for durability under extended vacuum
  • Short set-up time and easy transportability
  • Customized dedicated analytical and process software
  • Superior corrosion-resistant materials for extended service life
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Specialty gas suppliers
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