TITAN-OL Gas Analysis System
  The Titan-OL is a turnkey, process-ready gas analysis system. The analyzer and sample handling hardware can be wall or frame mounted in a NEMA enclosure suitable for use in production environments, including Class I, Div. 1. The integrated sampling system is fully purgeable and can handle multiple sample and reference lines. The Titan-OL is equipped with an industrial computer system. Analyzer software includes control and alarm features which integrate with plant process software  
  • Multiple component detection down to ppb levels
  • Results in seconds
  • Automated, continuous, and unattended operation
  • Operable in a variety of environments
  • Fully automated multi-line sample manifolds
  • Panel mounted touch screens available
  • Industrial computer system included
  • Data output options to suit the plant environment such as  TCP/IP, Modbus, 4-20 mA etc.
  • Reliable, low maintenance design
  • Process monitoring and QC of specialty gases
  • Facility air monitoring
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